The Southeast Asia Library Group is a professional organization for librarians, archivists, subject specialists and curators working with Southeast Asia related collections. Since its formation in 1967, SEALG has brought together professionals from all over Europe and beyond specializing in Southeast Asia and dealing with a wide range of formats and diverse materials.

SEALG reports to the National Committee for Information Resources on Asia (NACIRA, UK) and has established partnerships with the South Asia Archive and Library Group (SAALG, UK), the Association of Southeast Asian Studies in the (ASEAS, UK), the European Association for Southeast Asian Studies (EuroSEAS), and the Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia (CORMOSEA, US). SEALG aims to facilitate co-operation and co-ordination between individual members and institutions in the development of Southeast Asian librarianship and to enhance research related to Southeast Asian collections.  Membership is open to individuals, institutions, and groups with a professional or academic interest in Southeast Asian librarianship.

 A Networking Hub

The international membership and disciplinary diversity of SEALG make it a useful base for networking among professionals at different stages in their careers. Membership is free and offers many opportunities:

  • Participation in the SEALG annual meetings which are regularly combined with ASEAS UK Conferences, EuroSEAS Conferences, or SAALG UK Conferences
  • Opportunity to publish and to report about news from your institutions in the internationally circulated and downloadable SEALG Newsletter (open access)
  • Have a say in the further development of Southeast Asian librarianship 
  • Get involved in vivid exchange of knowledge and experiences, and receive news about projects,digital initiatives, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, etc. through our mailing list

The SEALG website aims to communicate on the professional activities of the members of the network, to promote the Southeast Asian library and archival collections kept in Europe and beyond, and to inform about Southeast Asia-related activities in information sciences and documentation of dedicated research on Southeast Asia.

A version of the previous website of SEALG dating to February 2022 has been archived in its full extent.

A summary of the History of SEALG by Margaret Nicholson can be viewed online.

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