SEALG Annual Conference 2004, Paris

The 2004 Annual SEALG Conference was held on 2-3 September in Paris, at
Sorbonne University, in conjunction with the 2004 EUROSEAS Conference.
The Friday program consisted of a visit to the Musée Guimet.
M. Francis Macouin, the Curator of the Library, gave us all a very interesting tour
of both the new and the old library of the museum. We were also allowed a visit to the
manuscript section, which is normally not open to visitors.
On Friday evening we were invited to the EUROSEAS reception at the City Hall of
Paris. The SEALG conference dinner was held at the Vietnamese restaurant Kim.
On Saturday we met at Sorbonne.
This year we had a new member, Kathryn Anderson of the Library of Congress.
Ten delegates came to the conference, from Sweden, Denmark, England, France,
Germany, the Netherlands, Russia and the United States.
Everybody gave an update of what had happened since last year’s conference.
Chairman’s Report. Minutes of 2003.
Our chairman Nicholas Martland greeted us all. The minutes from last year’s
conference are published at our web site. The chairman’s report was that there is
nothing to report this year.
Treasurer’s Report.
Margaret Nicholson gave us the Treasurer’s financial report of 2003, which is
Comments: the annual subscription to EUROSEAS amounts to € 70.00. Our
organisation has no income. Worries are that soon our present funds will be finished.
We all agreed to that as of 2005 there will be a conference fee of € 10.00 to cover this
Web site.
The issue of the URL to the SEALG web site was raised. Presently Yahoo
is the host at no cost. The problem is that it is very hard to develop the web site
further. It was suggested that we find a ‘proper’ URL, e.g. or . We settled for . The annual cost will be € 12.00.
Next year’s conference:
Suggestions were made to meet together with some other group. Possible groups
could be NCLOR, meeting on 7/12 2004 in Cambridge, or ASEAUK, meeting on
29/4-1/5 2005 in Exeter.
Many thanks to Lieu Cao Thi for organising the conference!